Those Late Night Thrills with Besties

Late nights always bring in some nice, sweet, and nostalgia wrapped memories in front of my eyes. Those were the times when I lived life. Yes, of course, I am very much living a life now but those days of midnight Maggi Masala recipe, midnight ginger-fennel-cumin experimental tea, midnight group studies and of course midnight phone calls would always occupy a special place in my heart. If you have also been a part of a big joint family or lived in a hostel or PG, you would also connect with this midnight zing. Those were the days of simplicity, innocence, and compassion.

You know celebrating any special occasion right at midnight is an inexplicable expression. The midnight birthday wish with a small cupcake or Lotto Pie in hand gave happiness of million dollars. Now, with midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad or Allahabad, I still reach my besties on their special days but those long and never ending celebration of togetherness is dearly missed. My besties have always been my siblings, mom, and some PG mates. Spending time with them all through the day was something else and chit-chat sessions at night when everybody else is sleeping was something differently special.

Unforgettable midnight moments

Whenever I used to visit home from hostel, my mom used to become busier to treat me with the best of food and knowledge to lead a good life. Then when she is done with the day’s work, we used to sit together and talk about all our relatives. You know that any simple Indian housewife cannot live a happy life without a bit of bitching about her relatives. I loved those times where there was no barrier to the expression of feelings and one can be exactly like that only in front of moms. It may delight others that my mom also taught me some fantastic recipes at midnight. I guess, a creative lot of people loves to harvest their talent at late night.

I guess a lot of you also bribed your siblings to attend the midnight party with friends. They opened the doors for you without waking anyone up. It’s another thing that either you had to give them half of your pocket money or treat them with tutti frutti next day. Suddenly, we all have grown up and this growing up seems to be a bit faster.

At least once in your life, you should sit on top of some tall building with your friends and enjoy not only the view but the life in total. I did that once while in college and we had climbed the hostel wall and carried some cookies, snacks, and two flasks filled with tea and coffee. Those were the beginnings of our friendship and I guess that one terrace gathering kept us friends till date.

On special days, we all friends, siblings, and besties get the cake delivery done in Hyderabad, flower delivery in Delhi, or chocolate delivery in Mumbai, depending on who is living where. But we all pledge to each other that at least once a year we all would meet and return to our midnight thrills to revive the life.