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Sharm el Sheikh Best Nightlife Fun & Restaurants: Soho Square Sharm Top Live Shows, Clubbing, Dining & Kids Fun

Edam Aziz owner of the luxury Savoy hotel in Sharm el Sheikh has brought this popular resort in Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera into the 21st century with his new entertainment centre Soho Square. With its superb restaurants, Pangaea nightclub, live shows with top international entertainers, sophisticated nightlife, ultra-modern bars, exclusive shopping and exciting activities for kids, it is sure to keep holiday makers happy after sunning on the beach.

Savoy Sharm’s Top Live Show July and August

Tourists planning a holiday vacation to Sharm this July might want to bone up on the lyrics of “Babylon” and practise their Ra RA Ra–ing for the rousing chorus of “Rasputin” in anticipation for the Boney M concerts featuring Original Lead Singer Liz Mitchell at The Egypt Hall Soho Square in July and August open for booking now.

Family Fun in Soho Square Sharm el Sheikh

The hottest way for adults and kids to stay cool in Sharm’s midday sun is to chill out in Soho Square’s terrific ice rink a wonderful addition to a holiday vacation in Sharm el Sheikh. Daytime and evening there are sessions for family and friends and with expert tuition on hand diving isn’t the only skill that can be learnt in Sharm el Sheikh! What a bonus to be able to learn to skate in one of the hottest countries in the Middle East.

A state of the art fully air-conditioned bowling alley will keep the ball rolling with another exciting activity which everyone can share staying out of the noon sun and still having fun!

For families wIshing to experience some virtual sightseeing Culturama is a fascinating educational experience. A panoramic screen will take audiences on journey through Egyptian history starting from 3000 BC to modern times.

Best Bars in Soho Square Sharm el Sheikh

Part of a great holiday vacation to Sharm el Sheikh is eating and drinking. Having built up an appetite and thirst after all the attractions, Soho Square offers tourists a choice of some of the best bars, cafes and restaurants in the resort.

Football fans can watch all the best matches every afternoon in the Queen Vic pub with its huge bar comfortable seating and large wooden terrace while fashionistas can enjoy the Fashion Lounge by Fashion TV with its elegant ambience and catwalk events hosted by Fashion TV where tourists can strut their stuff in front of the cameras.

The Oxygen Bar ultra modern with cool music and a relaxed ambience offers holidaymakers who are breathless with all the excitement of Soho Square a dose of pure oxygen to revitalize and refresh their energy to dance the night away.

The stylish Mandarin Bar is another great place for tourists to chill and relax. However the Ice Bar is not just a metaphor for cool! Walls, bar and even the glasses are made of ice. No need to get pneumonia here as anoraks and vodka shots are at hand as coming in from 35 degrees of heat to minus five degrees can shock even Siberian residents.

Top Dining in Soho Square Sharm

Restaurants in Soho Square offer a variety of eating experiences that would satisfy the tastes of the most discerning tourists.

  • The Bombay – An authentic Indian cuisine; particularly delicious is the tender and succulent Murg Jalfrezi stir fried chicken fillet and onion and the fluffy Palao rice either mixed with mushroom or vegetables.
  • Saffron Restaurant – Middle Eastern dishes from the Lebanon to Morroco. Particularly recommended is the Shish Barak, puff pastry stuffed with minced lamb cooked with garlic, fresh cream and herbs.
  • Zen – Chinese: recommended is the fragrant crispy duck and pancake with a delicate plum sauce.
  • Kalina – Authentic Ukranian and Russian food. A salute to Eastern European guests who miss their Blinis and their Borchst after a few days away from home. Chef Sergiy brings many ingredients such as buckwheat, poppy seeds and herring from his hometown in the Ukraine.
  • Sushi Bar and Tepanyaki offers a huge range of Japanese dishes with a conveyor belt from which diners can pick and chose their dishes.
  • L’entrecote Steak House – Best imported beef from Britain, Australia and Japan cooked on an open grill with secret recipe sauces or steak butters.

Party at Pangaea Nightclub

From its sensational opening first night party in April 2009 Pangaea nightclub has become the epicentre of Sharm’s enthusiastic clubbers. Wonderfully stylish with award-winning barmen from London who juggle bottles and mix magical cocktails, a DJ who really knows his dance music and a sax player who keeps the vibe sexy and sensual it really is a place to dance the night away.

Soho Square is the coolest place to hang out and everyone in Sharm el Sheikh can enjoy the action. For a really five-star holiday vacation check into the Savoy and check out the action in Soho Square!