National Bean Day

Now, that the National Bean Day is here. It is just best to understand the health benefits of beans in making any kinds of dish.

Here at Nashua Nurition, we know beans offer innumerable health benefits and can work well in several food groups. The beans are rich in complex carbohydrates such as the bread and starches. Additionally, this plant-based food feels perfectly ideal in the vegetable group dishes that offer plenty of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, beans can hold a protein group, hence supplying a good deal of protein in your body.

The five best beans as recognized by professional health experts include:

  • The Pinto Beans

These beans come in a beige context with red and pale purple splashes of color when dry. However, the pinto beans turn a full brown color when cooked. You can try these beans in a chili flavored dish.

  • The Red Kidney Beans

From the name, you would understand that these beans come in kidney shapes. These beans remained the kidney-shaped form even during cooking and absorb flavor extremely well. This is why these beans are ideal for simmered dishes. You can put the red kidney beans work well in salads and soups as well as in chili.

  • The Black Beans

Just like all other beans that are rich nutritional contents, these black beans are great to make hearty soups and those dishes that have rich dips.  Since the black beans are immensely a great addition to taco fillings. There are even chocolate cake and brownies that include black beans.

  • The Navy Beans

These beans are tiny and creamy white beans that became a food supply for the US navy in the early 20th century. In addition, the navy beans are a perfect source of vegetarian protein, and ideal for soups and can also be an ideal blend to create gluten-free cakes and muffins.

  • The Black-eyed Peas

These peas do not actually look like one, but white bean with a black dot.  Some traditional people believe that eating these beans at the turn of the New Year will bring good luck for you. These beans are perfect to be tossed around with herbs, peppers, and tomatoes, and blend them with a little of oil and vinegar to make a perfect cold salad.

Below is a list of the health benefits that beans provide.

  • Beans are ideal to keep your heart healthy.

Beans are often referred to as “heart healthy” due to the abundance of soluble fiber that can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. If you are getting the canned beans, you can remove the forty percent sodium it contains by rinsing or washing the beans in the water. Along with taking Quick Boost, you can keep your heart feeling even more heathy as well.

  • Beans are low in fat.

Another significant health benefit of the beans is low in fat. The majority of the beans is about two to three percent of fats and contains no cholesterol unless the beans are processed or prepared with other ingredients such as lard. To make sure, you can check the ingredients or the contents that are inside the canned beans. 

  • Beans are a good source of proteins. 

A half-cup of beans contains 7 grams of protein, which is actually the same if you will have an ounce of chicken, fish, or meat. Eating plant-based proteins are still more effective and safer to keep you healthy. So, if you are among the people who do not eat fish, meat, or poultry, you can count on beans as a perfect alternative to get protein.

  • Beans balance blood sugar.

Beans contain an amazing blend of complex carbohydrates and protein. Additionally, beans contain a low glycemic index. Thus, beans are digested gradually that can help maintain the stability of your blood glucose. This process will further reduce fatigue and irritability.