Healthy Valentine’s Day

Healthy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It is the time of the year again where you can take pleasure spending valuable time with your loved ones and splurge on the chocolates and the champagne.  It will absolutely be a scrumptious Valentine’s Day. However, these Valentine treats are undoubtedly delicious, but sadly unhealthy.

For this year, make something more sumptuous, but definitely healthy. You can make something that will not lead you having a heavy stomach after the celebration. Besides, it’s a heart day so celebrate and have fun according to the main reason why you are celebrating the Valentine’s Day, and that is a healthy heart.

This blog listed some healthy recipes that you can prepare. You can also get valuable tips from Nashua Nutrition site. Regardless, if it will be a romantic breakfast in bed Valentine’s celebration, sweet cocktails at a beautiful sunset view or perhaps, spending a cozy late night in the dessert. No matter how or where you are going to celebrate the Valentine’s Day, make sure that is it sweeter and healthier than before.

Here are five of the mouthwatering and healthy recipes that are ideally perfect for the Valentine’s Day celebration.

Heavenly Divine Red Berry Celery Smoothie

This is a healthy and sweet smoothie that is filled with rich anti-oxidants fruits such as the berries, and apples. These two fruits that are highly rich in anti-oxidants keep the sweetness alive. The celery provides vitamin K. The latter aids in blot clot to prevent excessive bleeding.

Healthy Valentine’s Day

Delectable Valentine’s Day Egg in the Basket

This recipe is extra sumptuous because of the heart-shaped designed that is accentuated by an egg in the center. The latter is ideal to begin the day because it is filled with 6 grams of protein. You can use a heart-healthy friendly olive oil and a whole grain bread to boost up the health benefits.

Sweet and Tasty Chocolate Cherry Bread

This sweet and tasty yeasted bread is excessively loaded with the mouthwatering cherries and delicious chocolate chips. This recipe is supercharged with tremendous anti-oxidants that will definitely create a fascinating heart’s day. You must stick with the dark chocolate to get the richness of health benefits. 

Delicious Healthy Valentine’s Day Cookies

This healthy heart’s day cookies are filled with healthy swaps. It contains honey, natural peanut butter, and whole-wheat flour. The recipe preparation is just like the usual flour-sugar-fat mix. In addition, the wheat germ gives a boost of Vitamin E that includes treating blood pressure and heart disease.

Spicy Hot Sriracha Roasted Chili Sauce

If chocolates and all those sugary recipes are not your types, well this spicy hot Sriracha Roasted Chili Sauce might suit your taste. This hot sauce will definitely bring your Valentine’s Day into a spicy red hot celebration.

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