Going Vegan? You can Still Enjoy Your Morning Latte

Making the choice to live a vegan lifestyle, whether due to health, ethics, or both is a noble choice. It’s not easy to make such an extreme change in your day-to-day activities.

You need to wear different clothes, use different cleaning products, and change your diet. It’s a lot to do all at one time.

And, what about your morning latte?

Vegan is In

Luckily, for anyone that loves their morning cup of Joe, latte or not, there are vegan options. That means you can still get your daily dose of morning caffeine.

The more popular living a vegan lifestyle gets, the more companies are starting to pay attention. They are adding cruelty-free vegan friendly products to their lineups.

It’s also a great market for young startup businesses, as the market is not completely saturated with big brands yet. So, many budding entrepreneurs who happen to also be vegan are seizing on the opportunity.

If the current trends continue, as more people realize the health and ethical benefits of living a cruelty-free lifestyle, the financial incentives will entice even more businesses to create vegan options.

Milk Substitutes are Your Friend

As more vegan products hit the market, it’s getting easier to find the staples of your diet. Vegan coffee is no exception. But, as a vegan, what do you do about the milk you need for your latte?

The bad news is there really isn’t vegan milk, but along with vegan coffee, there are vegan coffee creamer options.

What you are really looking for isn’t milk, but a milk substitute.

The most common milk substitutes that are used to make coffee creamer suitable for vegans often contain either soymilk or coconut milk. They tend to be a bit thinner than your standard whole cow milk though. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a great latte with them.

The great thing about opting for these milk substitutes is that they usually come in a variety of different flavors. You can find flavors such as almond or vanilla very frequently.

That means you can make more than a standard latte. You can use these flavored milk substitutes to make delicious gourmet flavored lattes that are cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

Vegan in a Rush

If spending a lot of time in the morning creating your perfect hot latte is not your style don’t fret. There are even ways to enjoy a nice frothy cruelty-free hot latte in the morning quickly.

If grinding your own beans and frothing your own milk substitute is too slow for your morning routine, you can choose to use a vegan instant latte mix. You’ll be surprised at just how delicious they can be.

In Conclusion

While you may have to give up meat and eggs when you make the switch to living a vegan lifestyle, you can still enjoy that delicious java. There are plenty of vegan options available for what ever your preference. Gourmet or instant, black or with a milk substitute, you’re sure to find a delicious vegan coffee that wakes you up and tastes great.