Find Wide Range of Smoker Accessories to Complete Your Meat-Smoking Dream

People spend so much think to worry about what smoker to buy or which type of charcoal to cook with. Investing in the right smoker accessories doesn’t just make your life a lot easier, it’ll enhance the quality of your BBQ too! This website, you’ll regret not buying these smoker and grill accessories quicker!

A quality wireless meat thermometer

Our top cigarette smoker accessory is a smart choice. If you’ve attempted to BBQ without a meats thermometer If you currently have a thermometer, purchasing a quality wi-fi unit helps enhance the heat range control of your cigarette smoker. Understand that low and gradual is focused on regular heat range. Utilizing a probe is quite simple and usually consists of:

Stick the heat range probe into the meat

Over the receiver choose temperature or timer (you’ll usually want to choose temperature)

Then choose the meat type or choose a manual temperature

Options usually include custom, meat, chicken, veal, pork, lamb and fish

Watch a movie, mow the lawn, drink a beer (etc)

The thermometer will beep when it hits the temperature you set

Our find: The ThermoPro TP-08 wifi meat thermometer


For price and sturdiness, the ThermoPro is a solid choice. If you do a lot of cooking during a party (or get easily distracted) the flashing background is a nice addition. The plastic armor surrounding the case should give you some piece of mind if you’re prone to shedding it on the ground.

Heat resistant BBQ gloves

Your primary goal when you BBQ should be to create scrumptious smoked meat. A good secondary goal is to avoid burning the bejesus out of your hands. The first time I used a Weber Chimney Beginner I got eventually to like a nice shower of scolding hot sparks on my bare hands.

Now we take advantage of a set of high-temperature resistant BBQ gloves whenever I’m handling charcoal. Gloves are also helpful for turning food without damaging the bark you work so difficult to achieve.

Try to find range mitts that protect the hands at 932 levels! While some individuals report having the ability to feel some high temperature arriving through if you avoid allowing cooking liquid can get on the gloves a set of these will do just fine when you BBQ. They can fit snug as well. Just make sure the wife doesn’t grab them for cooking…

A chimney fire starter

If you don’t like painstakingly stacking your charcoal over chemical fire starters this is a smart choice. And if you are dousing your charcoal in lighter liquid please stop now!

Just pour your charcoal into the chimney beginner, scrunch up a few paper bath towels with a few teaspoons of oil and then light. Place the chimney within the ball of paper bath towels and you ought to be all set with 10-20 minutes.

Can’t-fail with the common Weber chimney beginner. You get Weber quality at the same price as other brands. Just be sure you get the right size for the quantity of charcoal you should employ.

A BBQ grill brush to keep your cooking area clean

Getting into the habit of cleaning your grill after every cook and your life will be a lot easier.

  1. After a cook, crank the temp for around 10 minutes and then clean with a wire brush while the entire built-up meaty gunk is fresh.
  2. Before the next cook take the inside grate and give it a good cleaning with water while your smoker or grill is coming up to temperature
  3. Put the grate back into the grill/smoker and let it get nice and hot before putting food on.

This way you make sure there are no stray wires getting left behind by the brush and making their way into your food (this is rare but you really don’t want it to happen once!).

Solid bear claws for pulled pork

We could mention how useful carry claws are for shredding, lifting and transferring all kinds of meat. But really all you need to know is that a good set of carrying claws will change you into a total BBQ badass. Guaranteed.

Use them to transform pork butts into great tasting taken pork, or shredding decrease cooked chicken. You can even utilize them for less badass duties like holding meats while carving or transferring meats.