Decorating Chocolate & Marshmallow cake? Here’s how you Spruce Up the Decoration!

Decorating Chocolate & Marshmallow cake? Here’s how you Spruce Up the Decoration!
Taste with eyes before you soothe your palate with those luscious flavors.

Someone truly said that it is the eyes that tastes way before your tongue does. Those bright colors and that texture of your favorite dish, truly, it simply sounds superb. And, when it comes to your favorite dessert, how can you stop your eyes from expanding with the willingness to taste it as soon as possible?

Of course, the presentation matters! And, when it comes to the birthday cakes, that ‘decoration stress’ doubles. Being one of the most favorable desserts of thousands of foodies out there, focusing on the decoration is something that demands time and innovative ideas. After all, this is what can bring your cake that perfect look that can entice them even before they taste it.

The world being so big, thousands of ways has been developed to spruce up the look of this divine dessert. It may be the culture or the pioneering minds of different nations that can affect the beautification of the cakes.

So, here we have the finest and the simplest way to decorate your favorite chocolate and marshmallow cake that comes from one of the best countries, which is known for its succulent flavors. Yes, we are talking about India that has always been famed for its scrumptious aromas. And, after trying their hands on the cakes, here is how they finally ended up decorating this yummy chocolate and marshmallow cake for that special day.

Tip: Look for online cake recipes for easy and better understanding!

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Chocolate and Marshmallow Cake
Kids love this adorable cake and we bet you will watch it disappearing within a few minutes of serving.
So, here is what all you need to prepare this yummy cake!
1. High quality dark chocolate- 125 g
2. Unsalted Butter- 125 g
3. Caster Sugar- 175 g
4. Eggs- 5 Large
5. Plain Flour- 55 g
6. Ground Almonds- 125 g
For Icing and Filling:
1. Marshmallows- 55g
2. Double Cream- 259 ml
3. Dark Chocolate- 250g
For Marshmallow Topping:
1. Marshmallows- 150g
2. Double Cream (Whipped)- 300 ml

How to prepare a Yummy Chocolate and Marshmallow Cake in a few easy steps?
1. Start by preheating the oven at 180°C and place the chocolate pieces in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water.

2. Next, cream the butter together with 125g of sugar until it shows up that pale color. Take one egg yolk and drop it into the mixture. Continue adding yolks one by one while whisking the whites and the other half of the sugar until you see the stiffness in the mixture.

3. Now, take the chocolate that you melted in step one and mix it well with the butter mixture and some fresh almonds and flour. Now, fold in some egg whites gently. Move the mixture into the cake tin which is greased properly.

4. Let it cook for 30-40 minutes. You can even check it is cooked or not by putting in the knife in the centre of the cake. If the knife comes out clean, your cake is all set to be plated.

5. Now comes the filling and the icing section, where you need to heat the cream and marshmallows until the former is boiling and latter is melted with a continuous stir to it. Take the mixture when done and pour over the chopped chocolate and bind it well until it looks glossy and thick.

6. Whip the cream over the cake and decorate with a mound of mesmerizing marshmallows.

So, it is quite simple to prepare this awesome cake. Kids will love it and you will adore it too.
Why not try your hands on this yummy cake today?
Happy Cooking!